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'Recognised' an introduction to David Hughes

This seventy-minute compilation comes jam-packed with the sharpest, driest collection of songs and inimitable acoustic guitar playing from the last decade of classic recordings by the king of "rhythmo-sardonics". fROOTS magazine, not renowned for its love of singer-songwriters, calls him "one of the country's most witty, able writers".

Q magazine named his CD one of their albums of the year.
Mojo raved, "Sharp, literate… apply here for a treat."

This is David Hughes, performing solo and with his remarkable collaborator, drummer and percussionist, Gerry Conway. This is David Hughes performing with a galaxy of stars from the acoustic music firmament: Jacqui McShee, Eddi Reader, Dave Pegg, Danny Thompson, Dave Mattacks, P.J.Wright, Chris While and Julie Matthews, and many more.
Revered both by journalists and his professional peers, Hughes remains an unknown quantity only until you have heard one of his songs. After that you know exactly what he's "half-talking, half-singing" about.
This is David Hughes, the pick of Ned Sherrin's Radio Four "Loose Ends", Bob Harris, Charlie Gillett coming to you in all his sharpest glory.

This is him, at last, being RECOGNISED.

Track List:
Jelly Babe
(from 'This Other Eden')
(from 'Curtains')
Project X
(from 'This Other Eden')
(from '50 Yards of David Hughes')
Heart Of Stone
(from 'This Other Eden')
A Song Of England (Live with Ric Sanders)
(From 'The Fairport Tour', originally on 'Curtains')
Active In The Parish
(from 'Active in the Parish')
Hold Your Horses Woman (Live with Fairport)
(From 'The Fairport Tour', originally on '50 Yards of David Hughes')
Who's That? - The Summer Of Love
(from 'Active in the Parish')
50 Yards (Live)
(From 'The Fairport Tour', originally on '50 Yards of David Hughes')
(New recording, originally on 'Active in the Parish')
(from 'Shouting At The Radio' Single)
Everybody's Talkin' 'bout FM
(from 'Active in the Parish')
State Of The Nation
(from 'Active in the Parish')
An Ordinary Life
(from '50 Yards of David Hughes')
This Other Eden
(from 'This Other Eden')
Watching Brazil
(from 'This Other Eden')
Being A Poet (Live)
(From 'The Fairport Tour', originally on '50 Yards of David Hughes')
The Human Heart
(from 'Active in the Parish')

Here are a few free mp3's that are not on 'Recognised'
'Promised Land' from '50 Yards' David straying dangerously close to country music.
'Cool JB' from '50 Yards' It's about Bert Jansch.
'A Modest Proposal' from 'Active in the Parish' Lovely-ish duet with Eddi Reader

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'Across the Great Divide'

Steve Duggan's new book "ACROSS THE GREAT DIVIDE" is the fan's eye view.
It deals with Steve's sudden idea that he, a school teacher and life-long follower of Fairport Convention, could invite the band to perform at his place of work, Hassenbrooks School, in Stanford-Le-Hope, Essex.

It is the journal of his endeavours to contact the band, organize the concert, the staff and the school, and an opportunity to put the night in context with all the other nights, stretching back thirty years, when he was part of the Fairport audience.

In the process he tells the story of Fairport Convention as well as his own. Duggan meets his heroes, discovers them to be "really nice blokes" and comes out of the experience declaring it a great success.

"ACROSS THE GREAT DIVIDE" is published in paperback (pp 116) and contains approximately 40 bw photographs of Fairport Convention both historical and shots taken at Hassenbrooks.

If you have ever thought of booking Fairport Convention into your workplace, this is how you do it. Price £13.99

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St Agnes Fountain CD

The Greatest
Folk Corporation
Acoustic Christmas Album Ever!

Re-release on 1st December 2002

Here it is, the follow-up to the acclaimed EP "Acoustic Christmas". Bigger, better, longer and louder, more oomph and with added Chris While and Julie Matthews.
This is the real thing, genuine, top of the range Christmas merchandise comprising full length album and full colour glossy booklet.
And none of this obscure stuff either. No fifteenth century plainsong here. These are all top quality traditional family favourites (more or less).

I Saw Three Ships Deck The Halls
In The Bleak Midwinter Jesus Joy Of Man's Desiring
Masters In This Hall God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Sweet Bells The Holly And The Ivy
Good King Wenceslas mp3 Have Yourself A Merry Little Xmas
Troika (Sleigh Ride) Auld Lang Syne

There's the trademark David Hughes / Chris Leslie acoustic guitar and mandolin - rhythm in every beat, it's marvellous. But Chris Leslie is also one of the UK's best fiddle players so he's playing fiddle too. And then, there's Chris While's guitar and Julie Matthews' keyboard and those voices, pure as silk.

Accompanying St Agnes Fountain is the genius of the sticks, Gerry Conway and making guest appearances, Dave Pegg on bass, Kellie While, vocals, and Mark Tucker, keyboards. St Agnes Fountain, the acoustic Christmas album, is a David Hughes, Mark Tucker co-production, executive producer, Colin Edwards.

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The Fairport Tour

"The Fairport Tour"
(From support act to God Of Rock)
by David Hughes
An account of 30 consecutive nights on the road, as support act on the 1998 Fairport Convention winter tour.
Almost a historic document

This book was originally published on the net, as a daily report from the tour bus. Then with some extra material and a load more photos, it was published as a book in time for the Cropredy festival.
We thought that we had sold out, but with some very late book shop returns, there are now a final 80 copies available.

Even though this was only about four years ago, since then the tour bus and DM have departed. So it's a bit of Fairport history.

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Alphabet Zoo

This classic CD contains the favourite children's songs by Ralph McTell from the very popular children's television series of the same name in the early 1980's. The CD features Kenny the Kangaroo and 26 of his Alphabet Zoo friends The full track list is attached below. The CD is priced at £8.99.

KHere's what the critics have said so far…..
Miss played Sally the Seal and she said would you like to be like Sally the Seal in the circus and I said yes…and I want to have my own room and not share with my sister. Connor, aged 6

I like Boris the Bat because I like scary things. But not a ghost train. Jasmine, aged 5

When Kenny the Kangaroo goes boing boing boing, I do too…And my dad says stop boingin' all the blimin time and then I am very very quiet like a baby kangaroo. Carl, aged 6

Brindley has taken to wearing his dufflecoat like a cape and charging around the flat whenever he hears Wagstaff the Woodpecker, luckily the children don't seem to mind. Zora, aged 32

Track List:
Albert Ross the Albatross Nellie the Newt
Boris the Bat Ollie the Otter
Camilla the Camel Peter the Parrot
Digger the Dog Quentin the Quail
Edna the Elephant The Rabbit Song
Fergus the Frog Sally the Seal
Gordon the Goat Tammy the Tortoise
Holly the Hedgehog Unwin the Unicorn
Impala Song Victor the Vulture
Jake the Jackdaw Wagstaff the Woodpecker
Kenny the Kangaroo X-ray Fish
Laurence the Lion Yuri the Yak
Maurice the Mole Zoe the Zebra
Nigel the Nightingale

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